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How to Hire the Right Handyman for Your Needs.

Although there are many handymen with a tremendous range of skills, you can’t assume they are all the same. Some may specialize in providing carpentry work while others may not be comfortable with doing landscaping. Handymen will never tell you they can’t do the job you ask them to do, and that’s why it is your responsibility to ask before you hire one. Here are some other useful tips that may help you in your quest.

Make a list.

Before even considering calling a handyman, every home or business owner should get together a list of all things they want to be done. You have to understand that, with such a broad reaching profession, it is hard to believe you will find a handyman that can do everything. That is why you need to go over the list with the handyman, later, as part of the screening process.

Do some research.

Construction Contractor Carpenter with Drill on WhiteOne way to start your research is to pick up the local newspaper and look for people who provide handyman services. This is the easiest way to find a handyman, unfortunately it is not the best one. Most full-time, multi-skilled handymen stop promoting themselves after a few years, due to the fact that they get overwhelmed with new business. So how can you find such a person? Visit your local hardware stores, condo associations and lumberyards. Many of these organizations and businesses keep a list of handymen they refer. Usually, they are very careful who they list as their reputation depends on the person they recommend.

The screening process.

Once you have a list of at least three or four potential handymen, call each of them and find out the answers to these important questions.

Can you provide references?
This is very important, especially if you’ve picked up your handyman throughout a newspaper advertisement. If they can provide references, make sure you check them out.

How many years of experience do you have?
Being for many years in business doesn’t necessarily mean the handyman is reliable, however, it is good to hire someone who has at least four years of experience.

What king of handyman services do you usually provide?
As I said earlier, handymen are known for being able to do all sorts of jobs, but this doesn’t mean they don’t have favorites. Finding out what your handyman’s favorite jobs are, can help you decide if he is able to do the tasks you have for him.

Are you licensed and insured?
Every state has different rules concerning whether handymen should be licensed or not. However, no matter which state you’re in, you should always look for licensed and insured handymen.

Do you offer a free estimate?
Most handymen offer free of charge estimates, but not all of them visit the home before they do. Never trust an estimate over the phone. This is one of the most common ways to get ripped off.

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